Acupuncture  -
         Michael Vahila  L.AC, LMT
60 minute session - $75.00
     includes any massage therapy or
60 min session - $60.00 for
     massage therapy or Reiki
For more information visit:
To schedule:  330-477-0777
Nina Kucyk, Psy.D, PCC-S, NCC
Jennifer Mizicko, PCC, LSW
Theresa Carroll, PCC-S
Jennifer Seda-Miller PCC-S
Will Maxon-Kann, PhD, PCC-S
Covered by most insurance 
Yoga Classes   Missy
Through a series of integrated poses, one will experience an increase in flexibility, strength and posture.
Cost $10  Walk-ins or package avail.
For more information:
Call:  330-417-5714

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Reflexology / ION cleanse
Gentle detox and energy balancing/
relaxation to support nerve and blood
Maintain or regain a healthy clean
digestive tract which supports a healthy immune system
- Linda McCormick
Call for specific pricing or visit:
To schedule: 330-447-4289
Michael Vahila LAC, LMT
Recharge your body, revitalize your life!
The BioCharger is a hybrid subtle energy revitalization platform that works to optimize your health, wellness, and athletic performance by aligning and balancing the energy of every cell in your body.
For more information: 
Call: 330-477-0777
Massage Therapy  
Beth McCauley LMT
Therapuetic Massages: 30 min - $30
                                          55 min - $60
To schedule: 561-317-1139