Why Total Health & Wellness?


Here at Total Health & Wellness, we use an integrative medicine approach.  When most of us develop symptoms of an illness, our bodies seem to have a been afflicted by a disease process as if we were being "attacked" by an invader that has our body in an unnatural state.  Indeed it is the view of modern medicine practices that there is disease present in the cells, tissues, organs, and/or substrates of our bodies.  We take medicines to countract the disease processes and undergo diagnostic testing to reveal the underlying disease.  We seek healing through the use of a varity of surgical and pharmaceutical interventions.  Our western world believes that health can be reclaimed by fighting the illness or disease.​


Integrative medicine is founded on the belief that the person is composed of a delicate and intricate balance of mind, body, and spirit.  To reclaim health one must not just fight a disease process but focus on harmonizing an imbalanced environment.  Integrative medicine believes it is the imbalance within the bodies' systems that leads to illness.


It is the aim of integrative medicine to rebalance dysfunctional systems in the person suffering from disease (or, more properly, "dis-ease").  By utilizing medical therapies from the western world and combining those with healing practices of the eastern world, optimal health can be achieved.  The focus of healing is in the mind and spirit as well as the body.  It recognized that healing is not passive; healing requires active participation by the person to become whole.  It is paramount importance to learn to balance the turmoil present in the mind.  Through the use of meditation or contemplative prayer, mindfulness can be realized.  Negative emotions can be released and manage effectively.  Dysfunctional behaviors can be explored and transformed.


The goal of any healing process is to rebalance these forces that manifest themselves in system dysfunctions.  Our staff at Total Health & Wellness can teach self-healing techniques as well as utilizing their skills to help the individual recover normal functioning.    Ultimately, the body has the ability to maintain its own homeostasis of health.  It is the partnership between the practitioner and the client that reawakens the whole person to an attitude of health and wellbeing.